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Dear Diana, thank you so much for the wonderful time at the Quinta. Was the best holiday ever!
I wish you carry on this wonderful work
May you be well and may you be happy, Love Erika

Erika, Switzerland
Yoga Delight @ Quinta da Rosa, Aug 14

Thanks again! You know I love it here! I keep on coming back and will do that hopefully every year! It was an amazing week with lots of good energy! Love for you Diana, you're great! Love for you Robin, you too!

Natalie, Belgium, coming for the 3rd time
Yoga Detox @ Monte Velho Apr 12

Thank you again for a beautiful week!! This is my 3rd time I join the retreat and it is great as always. I have now been to all places, detox twice and yogasurf once. This is really a energy boost !!! The yoga is great with Diana, Jenni and Igor-Thankyou!, food absolutely great, thanks Robin! Beautiful surrondings and very nice rooms.
I definetaly recommend everyone to come here who wants to have a relaxing, mindful and healthy week.

Katarina, Sweden
Yoga Surf @ Quinta da Rosa May 13

Sometimes life takes you where you have to be. I found Diana's website by chance twice in 2 years when looking for a yoga retreat.
The second time I booked and my intuition was very good.
Diana has a love for life, for yoga and for people. A genuine love. She is one of those rare people knowledgeable and gifted to pass her knowledge to others.
It was a beautiful week with her, and her partner Robin who looked after us too with healthy and beautiful food.
Thanks Diana for being so inspiring and such a lovely yoga teacher. I still have your welcoming smile in my mind and your soft voice guiding us during the Sun salutations.
Thanks to you both for looking after all of us during this yoga retreat in September 2012,

Caroline Le Barbier, London, UK www.carolinearoundtheworld.com
Yoga Detox @ Casa Douro Sep 12

A week with Diana, with great yoga, absolutely delicious food, lovely surroundings, walks by the sea and great massage - what more can you ask for?
I can really recommend Diana - she has professional skill and a warm heart. And the most lovely dog.

Stina Lundberg Dabrowski and her daughter Moa Alfvén, www.stinaprod.se
Personal Coaching Apr 09

Hello Diana,
Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! All of my collegues complimented me on the way I looked upon my return. I feel alive again and I haven't felt this happy and energetic in 5 years.

Wendy, Belgium
Yoga Delight @ Quinta da Rosa Jul 14

Words are not enough! Because I don't have words for it... it's a beautiful feeling. Namaste, Sanne

Sanne Theben, Amsterdam
Yoga Surf @ Casa Douro Aug 12

I wanted to drop you an email to let you know how much your incredible yoga retreat has really changed my life for the better. As you know before I went on the retreat I'd never done meditation or yoga and felt so frazzled and stressed I can't tell you. Since I've come back I've been to yoga nearly every day! I'm still doing neti everyday, drinking my hot water and lemon, quinoa porridge for breakfast and yummy salads for lunch. I feel so balanced, happy and relaxed its amazing. I still feel refreshed, calm and wonderful. Thank you to you, Lauren and Robin for all adding your special touches! So really the retreat was so magic. I can't stop talking about it.

Debbie England
Yoga Detox @ Monte Velho Apr 14

I'm waiting for inspiration, to find the right words to express what I experienced during the last week but I can't find them. The words that come to mind are all about the same: pure, power, positive, love, peace, innerpeace, strength, beautiful (you, beautiful you!) warmth, sincere, grace, delicious food, spiritual, and everything multiplied by much... Thanks for your hospitality, your inspiring lessons, your unending patience during the photo shoots.
It's an honour to have met you. Give my love to Okka and safe some for yourself.

Harold Pereira, Netherlands, www.haroldpereira.com
Photographer on Yoga-Detox Nov 09

"I made it home in one piece - was sooo tempted to go missing en route to the airport! I didn't realise just how good I felt until I got home (even despite the two days of 're-toxing'!). Finally I have found the perfect combination for me that has instilled me with such confidence, positivity and optimism, and I'm starting to love life again. The guys at Sagres were great, much fun, laughter and patience! Been up doing sun salutaions every morning and keeping up with the classes, but need to find one teacher to be consistent with. I have been very fortunate to have been taught by you and will find it hard to find someone that matches! So hopefully the next time I come back I will be doing headstands and riding the waves with you all! Thanks again Diana, and Robin and Okka,(and the surf boys!) for your warmth and amazing hospitality, you have a very special place, keep doing what your doing, I'll be back!"

Linda Richardson, Scotland
Yoga Surf @ Lotus Center Jun 10

Thank you so much for a beautiful week with beautiful women at the Hormone Yoga Retreat. When I came over to your web site while googling for a yoga holidays, it just felt right. I am so happy I decided to come to the quinta and to do the hormone yoga retreat for women. Lovely food, company, teachings with Kathrine and also free time to go to the wonderful beaches close by. Thanks to the whole team for giving such a nourishing yoga holidays! I highly recommend it to others.

Pia Klubb Fasmer, Norway
Hormone Yoga @ Quinta da Rosa May 14

Thank you for the week full of inspiration, relaxation, laughter and great waves!! Definitely a life-changing experience. Here's to a more relaxed lifestyle and new friends. X Sue

Sue Stanton, England
Yoga Surf @ Casa Douro, Jul 12

The surf and yoga retreat of Algarveyoga was wonderful! Lovely people, delicious and healthy food, profound, deep and humorful yoga and surfing with the best teachers and friends at stunning beaches in the south of portugal. it made me feel like a child again. Thanx Diana of Algarveyoga for creating this enegetic and good vibe and thanx to all for making this week epic :) With love Jeanette

Jeanette, Holland
Yoga Surf @ Quinta da Rosa Jul 14

Many thanks for an amazing week! It was all I could hope for in terms of a perfect balance between acitivy and relaxation. Please continue organizing these wonderful retreats because everyone deserves a chance to experience them! All the best and muito obrigada!! With happy smiles and sunny feelings, Daphna

Daphna Berger, Amsterdam
Yoga Surf @ Casa Douro Jul 12

Robin and Diana, this marvellous week just flow away! So here I am now ready to go back to my reality. Hopefully I'll cope with my life a bit better now... Thanks for the loving and wise teaching about yoga 'living'. And Robin, the food was much better than I imagined before going.! This was the best investment in me EVER. Thanks again, Lisa

Lisa, Sweden
Yoga Detox @ Monte Velho, Apr 12, Lisa

I've really enjoyed last week! I can't stop thinking of all the fun, zen, joyfull and lovely moments!!Your dreamteam is great! Beautiful pure rich people from within, who can really inspire others to live their own life to the fullest, thinking out of the box, free of judgement.
Since I really liked the healthy breakfast, I ve made it myself last few days. Maybe I can keep up this healthy habit. would be nice!
Also been inspired to do my yoga practice @ home now! and yesterday i went surfing with a friend in the North Sea.
so all credits for you your team! Thanx for all!! Love

Monique Holland
Yoga Surf @ Quinta da Rosa Sep 14

Thank you so much for your hospitality, your wonderful company, and for making this week such a fantastic experience. Diana, I love the yoga sessions and enjoy your style of instruction very much. Robin, the food was great. I did not feel that I was lacking, but rather that I was learning new tasty, healthy options. I am leaving with a feeling of peace and I am so grateful not only for that feeling, but also for the huge part that you played in that. So, thank you again, I hope that our paths cross again some day. Best, Audrey

Audry, Texas USA
Yoga Surf @ Casa Douro Jul 12

Thank you so very much for a truly inspiring retreat. We have loved all of it, from beginning to end. The peaceful surroundings, healthy detox food, inspiring yoga lessons and very informative nutrition talks. We leave here with experiences we will carry with us for s very long time. We really hope to return again soon, and will definitely recommend you guys to all of our friends. It has been a truly journey, Namaste, Karsten und Kristin

Kirstin & Karsten
Yoga Detox @ Casa Douro Jul 12

Sometimes you just need to find yourself at the right place at the right time to make a small change that will help you to make big changes to your life...beautiful feeling!
Algarveyoga was recommended to me by a friend after I spent weeks doing reaserch on Google to find a retreat that would tick all the boxes - Diana's retreat completely and utterly outgrown my expactations in every possible way. You will find here everything that you need: amazing and trully inspiring people, beautiful surroundings, great healthy food, good fun - something for the body but most of all something for the soul.
I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am to Diana and to her Dream Team for the retreat! The wonderful Robin whose amazing cooking brought me back to life and helped me recover from bad case of flu, Jenny and Igor - our yoga teachers who are one of the most inspiring people I've ever met. Their teachings, intelligence and kindness are really remarkable and simply awesome :-). And of course the lovely
Diana who gave birth to Algarveyoga through her passion for yoga and life, making it all possible.

I will be defnitely coming back next year! With Love

Anna, Poland
Yoga Surf @ Quinta da Rosa, Jun 14

Thank you very much for the wonderful week! I loved the yoga and I think I will not find such a good yoga teacher as you anywhere, Diana! Robin, thank you for the good Anti Candida Food!!
I was coming here with too much restlessness energy, and now I feel finally more balanced... you do great work. I, and all the rest, really enjoyed it!! Thank you! And I will come back! Xxx Katrien

Katrien, Belgim
Yoga Detox @ Casa Douro Jul 12

...breathe, the energy of life, I learned from you Diana, the most important thing in life...
Thanks for all the effort you made to make these wonderful retreats. Robin and Diana, you are so strong together with so much energy for all the people e. It will come back to you! ...and I will come back again! Kisses and love, Freddy

Freddy Vermeulen, Amsterdam, coming the 3rd time
Yoga Detox @ Monte Velho Apr 12

Thank you and the team so much for everything, I had the most amazing experience and have definitely taken away many things which will change my life for the better. Bizarrely, and I have never felt this before I can tell you, but I was actually looking forward to returning to work today. For me it signifies getting on with my life, appreciating what I have and start living every moment for the better.
Lauren, you were simply an inspiration too, the love that you have inside you and care for other people is just amazing. You are a very special lady and I think you allowed us to connect even deeper as a group through the meditation. Whilst I know it was out of my comfort zone in the beginning, by the end I really saw the value in it and how it

Nicky, England
Yoga Detox @ Monte Velho, May 14

Thanks again for a loving yoga week! I'll come back for sure! Nice food... balancing yoga... wonderful energy...
Inspiring to see and feel that you do this with so much warmth and honesty...
Big kiss, Annelies

Annelies Uitdenhouwen, Belgium, coming the 2nd time
Yoga Detox @ Casa Douro Jul 12

As you may have noticed I 'entered' our retreat as (how we say that at home) "a dead little bird"... But, as we flowed through the week I started to see some light again. You all helped me do that in your own way...just by being...
Lauren, your guidance throughout the week has been very very special to me and of great inspiration. You supported me to go to my inner self and find the start of a peace journey. Diana, you have shine!!! When you enter the space everybody is shined on en energized! And I was overwhelmed by your chanting performance.
And of course not to forget Trixie, Sophia, Okka and horseman (sorry forgot your name..) for giving me a wonderful experience.
I'm a very fortunate girl, to have met you lovely people and be in such a natural magical place.

Margrit, Germany
Yoga Detox @ Monte Velho Apr 13

I came to Portugal for the Yoga and Detox and maybe to get some answers on some questions I had. I didn't get answers but figured out that I had to be just me, JUST BE. Thank you for all the inspiration (mind and food), for making me stop thinking for a week (besides 'what time is my massage, yoga, lunch etc?')
Wish you two all the best, In the morning when I'll do my sunsalutation I will hear the om one, om two, om three...!
Love, Jane

Jane, England
Yoga Detox @ Casa Douro Jul 12

My Yoga-Detox week was SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!! My body, my mind and my soul felt afterwards just fantastic!!!!!!!
And now, a month later, I still life from these wonderful impressions and experiences. Many thanks to Diana. You have exceeded all my expectations!!!!!!!

Ricarda Kohli, Switzerland
Yoga-Detox @ Monte Velho Sep 09

Many thanks for making this experience possible. Without your hard work, chilled nature, warm hearts and natural charm, this experience would not be as magical as it was. It is definitely one for my heart and soul. Take care, Tina

Tina, Switzerland
Yoga Surf @ Casa Douro, Jun 12

I would like to thank you too for organizing the whole retreat. It was really a beautiful week! More than i expected.

Judith, Germany
Yoga Delight @ Quinta da Rosa, Aug 14

The week I spent on this yoga/surf retreat was one of the best weeks of my life! This week was amazing in every way, it is honestly life changing as you put your life in perspective. The positive energy that comes out of this week helps you refocus your own life. The yoga, surfing, food, location and all individuals involved were fantastic. Diana and Robin made this a memorable week that I will have to return to! Thanks for everything! Don't hesitate...just go...you will be glad you did!

Rory Hyman (South African living in the UK)
Yoga Surf @ Casa Douro Jun 12

Words are inadequate to describe the feelings and depth of human emotion. The closest I can refer at is that this holiday was a dream a good dream that lasted 6 days, and on re-awakening I find myself with a healthier body and mind ...and new friends. For this, for all of this, thank you Diana and Robin

Marianne, Ireland
Yoga Detox @ Monte Velho Jun 12

What an utterly wonderful week - thank you so much for the perfect blend of surfing, yoga and unbelievable delicious food. Diana, I will go back with my solar plexus OPEN and will be adding the Sun Salutation to my morning practice, Robin I will be trying to create your amazing cooking, but please bring out your recipe book! Truly, it was wonderful- so beautifully organized, so we never ever had to think (Bliss!) and with wonderful energy. I wish you both so much luck and all good wishes for the coming year of retreats and in your lives - and hopefully I shall see you next year for more surfing and yoga! With love, Claudia

Claudia, Spain
Yoga Surf @ Casa Douro Apr 12

Thank you for a most beautiful week Diana, I had such an amazing time!
It was hard work at times but peaceful, loving and lots of fun. I feel refreshed and blissful now coming back to my busy reality and I'm very inspired to go deeper into my yoga practice. The food was yummy, the afternoons in the hammock sunny and the yoga and meditation sweet as honey! Sat Nam.

Nina, Poland
Yoga Detox @ Monte Velho Apr 12

An amazing place to escape to, in the middle of our cold English winter. I arrived a Yoga novice and leave more supple than I have been for 30 years and bitten by the Yoga bug. The Yoga and meditation programme has really helped me reconnect with my body and the detox programme included the most delicious food as well as great education in nutritional and ayurvedic principles. We have explored the local area with its lovely nature, sensational beaches and superb mountain bike and walking trails. Diana is a superb teacher at all levels. She and her team are wonderful hosts and have created a really memorable and enjoyable experience

James Bidwell, Hampshire UK
Yoga Detox @ Monte Velho Nov 08

For me this was a wonderful week! I think it's really special what Diana brings to people's lives by organizing these retreats. The great food, nature and yoga have brought me to get to know my self better and feel much more energy and life flowing through my body! Diana, Robin and a lot of other friends have made this a fantastic experience and I hope to see them all again next year!

Sharon, Belgium, came the 2nd time
Yoga Detox @ Monte Velho and Casa Douro Jun 11

If you need some time off to relax and reconcile with your body, then this retreat is for you! I had such a good time in a lovely setting, eating gorgeous food and getting back in shape in a spectacular way. At the end of the week I felt thinner, more relaxed and healthier than ever. It's the perfect way to start losing weight and feeling good about yourself again, mentally and physically, so do not hesitate!

Sylvie Degos, France
Personal Coaching @ Burgau Jul 09

We had peace in our heads and hearts. I would like to say that the course is very dependent on you Diana as a person. Your smile, always available, a lot of knowledge, long yoga practise. All this together give the course the high standard I mean it has. Good luck! Love Terje

Terje Pedersen Agder, Norwey
Yoga Ayurveda @ Monte Velho Jun 09

When I searched the Internet for a retreat in Europe, I actually hoped to find one that caters to my very own needs. Not having been to a retreat before, I did not know what to expect. Still a beginner in yoga and with hardly any praticeable knowledge of ayurveda or its principles, I looked for a retreat that would offer a "safe" haven. One that would allow me to be me; one that would allow me to rediscover my heart, discover new things, meet new people, in short to be inspired and reåjuvenated.
The retreat of Diana Jost gave me just that. I left the beautiful Algarve retreat feeling more in touch with myself and others and more aware of the importance of taking time and care of one's self. Thank you Diana for your ability to make an entire group of people feel special and revived!
Warmest regards

Henna Pijper, Zeist, NE
Yoga Ayurveda @ Monte Velho Feb 09

Diana's yoga lessons were just fantastic. Her voice is very nice and relaxing to listen to, clear explanations and great personal corrections. She was a real inspiration for me to carry on with the yoga practise. Surfing was great fun, quiet beaches and the instructors did a great job. The food was just really really good and healthy -can't find any other words for this. Accommodation- absolutely my place, the style, the atmosphere, the people, just beautiful.
It was a really smooth week and I will be back for sure.
Algarveyoga, keep on going like this.

Gaby Simonis, Vinkeveen NE
Yoga Surf @ Monte Velho Okt 08

In these 5 days personal coaching I learned as much as I learned at school in 5 years. You are a very inspiring person who is really living what she's teaching

Peter White, London UK
Perosnal Coaching in Burgau Nov 08

It was a place where I could stop for a moment from my daily life, letting everything calm down. Meditation, yoga, healthy food and being surrounded by great co-retreatholidayers in the beautiful sunny setting of the Algarve made this a truly wonderful experience. I would definitely love to come again.

Rebecca Unverzagt, Luxembourgh
Yoga Detox @ Monte Velho Feb 09

Estou muito feliz com o resultado deste detoxing. Sinto-me com mais energia, mais feliz, com mais força, auto-confiança e claro muito mais limpa.
As aulas da Diana são espectaculares, trabalhamos a respiração o que é muito importante para mim pois como fumadora e limpeza dentro dos meus pulmões ao fazer ioga. No corpo também sinto mais forte, mais força nas pernas e braços, mas o mais importante foi me ter corricido a postura.
Penso que não tenho mais a dizer a não ser que melhor era impossivel.
Obricado Diana por tudo, conscientemente ou inconscientemente ajudaste-me muito durante esta semana. Obrigado Alexia é uma das melhores cozinheiras que conheci.

Diana Gravintos
Yoga Detox @Monte Velho Mar 09

very good news: a whole month after this wonderful week in Portugal, I am still on the path you made me re-discover! I am practising meditation daily - and that is the real bliss -, my eating and drinking habits have so much improved that I now get good energy from the food I take in, and I do exercises regularly, although I have not found a Yoga course nor a Yoga teacher in Luxembourg, as yet.
Thank you, Diana!

Irma Unverzagt, Luxembourgh
Yoga Detox @ Monte Velho Feb 09

For a few years I've been searching for a way to integrate some health into my daily busy life as a veterinarian. I took some yoga classes in Holland and felt that this might be the right pad, as I felt really peaceful and energetic after the class and the day after. Nevertheless I felt these classes once a week were not enough to stick to the healthy feeling, as my work drained my energy out of me. I didn't have a clue (and sometimes the discipline) how to do yoga at home for myself during the rest of the week. Furthermore my cooking was uninspired and therefore not the most healthy one. My overall health was getting worse.
During the yoga/ayurvedic retreat Diana showed us how to easily incorporate yoga exercises and healthy food into daily routine. I had a lot of fun on a beautiful location and went home feeling healthier, happier and energetic. Thank you!!!

Love, Helene from Holland (The Netherlands)
Yoga Ayurveda @ Monte Velho Feb 09

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