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Welcome to Algarve Yoga

Yoga in the Algarve connects your body, mind and soul together with sunshine, ocean and vibrant people. Come and experience Yoga in a serene environment where you will be encouraged to connect to your inner spirit. Yoga is our inspiration. We incorporate Yoga, Surfing, Detox, Ayurveda Nutrition & Cooking, Hormone Yoga as well as Massage and Personal Coaching into our Yoga Retreats.

My name is Diana Jost (also Padma 'Lotusflower'). I am a Yoga teacher, ayurvedic practitioner, nutritionist, massage therapist, a personal trainer and a life coach. I have been teaching Yoga for 17 years and began Algarveyoga in 2008. We are now in our ninth year offering Yoga Holidays and Yoga Retreats. Come and experience the beauty of Yoga with me.
I would love to help you further your practice so you can journey inward to a personal pond where your potential will blossom like the leaves of the lotus flower.

This is my passion, my Karma :)



Yoga Retreats / Yoga Holidays in 2018

Yoga Detox Retreat Apr 15 - Apr 21
Yoga Delight Holiday Jul 01 - Jul 07
Yoga Surf Holiday Jul 08 - Jul 14
Yoga Delight Holiday Jul 15 - Jul 21
Yoga Surf Holiday Jul 22 - Jul 28
Yoga Surf Holiday Jul 29 - Aug 4
Yoga Delight Holiday Aug 05 - Aug 11
Yoga Surf Holiday Aug 12 - Aug 18
Yoga Delight Holiday Aug 19 - Aug 25
Yoga Surf Holiday Sep 09 - Sep 15
Yoga Surf Holiday Sep 16 - Sep 22
Yoga Detox Retreat Oct 14 - Oct 20



The lotus flower emerges from the mud and finds its way through murky water. It has to deal with the uncertainty in darkness, it has to deal with  current… but the stronger the current, the stronger the stem. The lotus knows that there will be a surface, there will be the light above the water where it blossoms in its full potential.
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